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Glenn smiled as he walked the old path, moonlight shining through the dead trees creating beautiful shadows. He was on his way to a graveyard, why? Because his most recent client wanted all the bones and bodies gone, a common assignment for a freelance necromancer. They probably want the land to build housing or something, it wasn't his job to think about that. Some may wonder why they don't dig up the old bone yard themselves for free, well, it is not unusual for graves to have traps or curses hidden within in them, so they hire individuals like our elf friend here to take care of it.

Glenn was relatively short for an elf at 5”5 but he still had time to grow, only being 106 years old. His long brown hair blew in the gentle breeze, reaching half way down his back, two long pointed ears poked out of the hair. Piercing blue eyes gleamed in the darkness, underneath it a solid black mask covering his mouth and nose.
Since no one was around he slowly took the mask off, revealing five long deep scars that covered his entire lower face. He felt naked without the black mask but he needed to get used to living without it, it was not wise to wear it everywhere after all.

A few minutes passed and the young elf was soon at the grave site, it was larger than expected with about a couple hundred graves. Casually he brought out his phone to check the time, 11:37.
“Great, probably going to take all night...” He muttered before cracking his knuckles, a slight grin on his face. Slowly he approached the first gravestone, it's inscription long worn off. In fact most of them were illegible, though that make his job easier, he now only had to deal with skeletons, no rotting flesh.  

Silently he placed his hands on the patch of dirt, eyes closed, a couple minutes past before they opened again. As far as Glenn could tell there was just a skeleton below him. The troublesome part was the fact he needed to do this at every grave. Last time he didn't check for traps he almost got turned into a lich, not a pleasant thing.

After a couple more moments the ground moved in front of him, dirt spewing everywhere until white bony limbs sprang forth. Very slowly a dirt covered skeleton emerged.
Dig out this headstone
He commanded telepathically, the undead servant instantly obeying.
With that Glenn moved on. This continued for a few graves until Glenn noticed something, a little ways into the nearby woods was a fairy ring, an unusual sight around these parts. Slowly he approached as about half a dozen skeletons did their work behind him. First off he placed his hand in front of the circle, making sure it wasn't an active Fay portal. While he enjoyed visiting, arriving unannounced was not a good idea. But no, it was just a ring of mushrooms, he couldn't feel any magic, and yet it was clear that in the center was an unmarked grave. What was really odd was the fact he couldn't sense anything down there, not even a skeleton, this peaked his interest.

Dig here!
He sent out the command to all the skeletons. In about ten minutes a hole was dug and to Glenn's surprise a perfectly intact wooden casket lay before him. All the other caskets in the yard had long rotted away but somehow this one survived, and still he could sense no magic that could be persevering it. Making his minions stand back Glenn jumped down the hold to open it himself, the lid coming off incredibly easily. What was inside surprised the necromancer even more. A white skeleton wearing a beautiful blue dress, white frills accent the dress, the middle being  mostly white with elaborate gold designs. In the center of her chest was a good sized circle with a plate of glass, it pitch black. Blue gloves covered both her hands, however while her right hand looked normal the left one was clearly an animal claw of some kind that ripped through the glove.

Somehow this was not the most notable part of this corpse. Laying on her face was a mask and wig that covered only half of her face. The wooden mask depicted a beautiful woman with dark skin, very full lips, and an inhumanly golden eye. Her hair was a long solid brown with strings of pearls lining it. The mask wore haunting smirk, as If she knew everything about you. On the other side was a perfectly white skull with one long fang showing in her mouth.

It still bothered Glenn that he couldn't sense anything that he was looking at. Slowly he reached down to pick up the mask, though the moment he touched it the circle on her chest came alive with a gold light. Before he had even the chance to react the same gold light appeared in her eye socket. In a flash the clawed hand launched towards his face, then darkness.


Glenn could hear birds chirping as he slowly regained consciousness, the rising sun shining brightly in his eyes. He griped his head as he tried to remember why he was here, it wasn't long before it all came back to him. Quickly he jumped up and looked around him, all the graves were empty, including the one besides him where the masked woman was. On a nearby tomb stone was the words,
Written in blood. Besides the stone was the corpse of a doe with it's skeleton completely removed.
Freelance Necromancer - Intro
I've been trying to start this story for a couple weeks now and I finally have somthing I'm happy with.

This was inspaired after I saw this picture here,…


United States
I'm in the mood to write, however I work best if I have prompt or a setting to start with, so that's where you guys come in. I want you to commission me to write what ever kind of story you want. Here's the ground rules,

1. Keep the request within a paragraph or two (Unless your giving me info about the world I'm writing in) 
2. If you want me to use an existing world I am not familiar with, please tell me everything I need to know about said world or characters.
3. Only one commission per person.
4. No hard pornography.
5. If you commission me to write a story, you do not own said story, however if you want me to use your OCs, I of course do not own the characters, you still do. I doubt this will ever be an issue, but I wanted to put this here just in case.
6. I have the right to turn down any commissions if I don't feel comfortable doing them, but I don't think this will happen. 

I'm not going to put a cap on how many stories I'll do since I doubt very many people will take me up on this ^^;

Alright, just comment below what you want or shoot me a PM.


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