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Glenn smiled as he walked the old path, moonlight shining through the dead trees creating beautiful shadows. He was on his way to a graveyard, why? Because his most recent client wanted all the bones and bodies gone, a common assignment for a freelance necromancer. They probably want the land to build housing or something, it wasn't his job to think about that. Some may wonder why they don't dig up the old bone yard themselves for free, well, it is not unusual for graves to have traps or curses hidden within in them, so they hire individuals like our elf friend here to take care of it.

Glenn was relatively short for an elf at 5”5 but he still had time to grow, only being 106 years old. His long brown hair blew in the gentle breeze, reaching half way down his back, two long pointed ears poked out of the hair. Piercing blue eyes gleamed in the darkness, underneath it a solid black mask covering his mouth and nose.
Since no one was around he slowly took the mask off, revealing five long deep scars that covered his entire lower face. He felt naked without the black mask but he needed to get used to living without it, it was not wise to wear it everywhere after all.

A few minutes passed and the young elf was soon at the grave site, it was larger than expected with about a couple hundred graves. Casually he brought out his phone to check the time, 11:37.
“Great, probably going to take all night...” He muttered before cracking his knuckles, a slight grin on his face. Slowly he approached the first gravestone, it's inscription long worn off. In fact most of them were illegible, though that make his job easier, he now only had to deal with skeletons, no rotting flesh.  

Silently he placed his hands on the patch of dirt, eyes closed, a couple minutes past before they opened again. As far as Glenn could tell there was just a skeleton below him. The troublesome part was the fact he needed to do this at every grave. Last time he didn't check for traps he almost got turned into a lich, not a pleasant thing.

After a couple more moments the ground moved in front of him, dirt spewing everywhere until white bony limbs sprang forth. Very slowly a dirt covered skeleton emerged.
Dig out this headstone
He commanded telepathically, the undead servant instantly obeying.
With that Glenn moved on. This continued for a few graves until Glenn noticed something, a little ways into the nearby woods was a fairy ring, an unusual sight around these parts. Slowly he approached as about half a dozen skeletons did their work behind him. First off he placed his hand in front of the circle, making sure it wasn't an active Fay portal. While he enjoyed visiting, arriving unannounced was not a good idea. But no, it was just a ring of mushrooms, he couldn't feel any magic, and yet it was clear that in the center was an unmarked grave. What was really odd was the fact he couldn't sense anything down there, not even a skeleton, this peaked his interest.

Dig here!
He sent out the command to all the skeletons. In about ten minutes a hole was dug and to Glenn's surprise a perfectly intact wooden casket lay before him. All the other caskets in the yard had long rotted away but somehow this one survived, and still he could sense no magic that could be persevering it. Making his minions stand back Glenn jumped down the hold to open it himself, the lid coming off incredibly easily. What was inside surprised the necromancer even more. A white skeleton wearing a beautiful blue dress, white frills accent the dress, the middle being  mostly white with elaborate gold designs. In the center of her chest was a good sized circle with a plate of glass, it pitch black. Blue gloves covered both her hands, however while her right hand looked normal the left one was clearly an animal claw of some kind that ripped through the glove.

Somehow this was not the most notable part of this corpse. Laying on her face was a mask and wig that covered only half of her face. The wooden mask depicted a beautiful woman with dark skin, very full lips, and an inhumanly golden eye. Her hair was a long solid brown with strings of pearls lining it. The mask wore haunting smirk, as If she knew everything about you. On the other side was a perfectly white skull with one long fang showing in her mouth.

It still bothered Glenn that he couldn't sense anything that he was looking at. Slowly he reached down to pick up the mask, though the moment he touched it the circle on her chest came alive with a gold light. Before he had even the chance to react the same gold light appeared in her eye socket. In a flash the clawed hand launched towards his face, then darkness.


Glenn could hear birds chirping as he slowly regained consciousness, the rising sun shining brightly in his eyes. He griped his head as he tried to remember why he was here, it wasn't long before it all came back to him. Quickly he jumped up and looked around him, all the graves were empty, including the one besides him where the masked woman was. On a nearby tomb stone was the words,
Written in blood. Besides the stone was the corpse of a doe with it's skeleton completely removed.
Freelance Necromancer - Intro
I've been trying to start this story for a couple weeks now and I finally have somthing I'm happy with.

This was inspaired after I saw this picture here,…
The prom was winding down, couples were migrating to the dance floor as the song stated to play.
“How did we become prom king and queen when almost no one knew we were coming?” Glenn said with sigh as they slow danced, his hand resting at her hips as she put her arms around him.
“That's what a good entrance can do.” Emma said with a slight smirk. She had decided at the beginning to just let loose and not hold back any emotions, and so far it had been quite enjoyable. Playfulness, pride, even a little joy, it felt good to indulge in all those old feelings again without trying to repress them.

While it wasn’t the first time, a few of the freshmen stared at Glenn's mask, while others whispered about the couple, something the elf payed no mind to.  
“Glenn, perhaps you should take off the mask, just for the last dance?” She said asked, knowing full well that he wouldn’t comply without some short of fight. Sure enough, he gave his date a look, almost a glare.
“Really, don't you think my face would draw more attention?” Glenn asked with a raised eyebrow.  
“You worry too much, with the dimmed lights I doubt anyone else could see your scares. I want to see your handsome face before the nights over. Please? For me?”
Glenn nervously looked down, he had never taken the mask off in public since he had arrived at this world, if anyone else had asked him he would have flat out refused, but after all he and Emma had been through, just a few minutes wouldn’t hurt, right?
“Just for the song, and not a moment longer!” He said before reaching up to his face and stopping at the black leather, still very uncomfortable about the idea of removing it. Emma’s eyes grew slightly, she didn't think he would have agreed so quickly. Very, very, slowly he pulled it from his face, revealing five long scars that seemed to drag over the lower half of his face, but as Emma said, almost undetectable in the dim light unless you were very close.

Emma smiled as she cupped Glenn's cheek.
“Much better, was that so hard?” She asked, Glenn blushed and looked down, pocketing the mask before returning his hand to her side.
“I guess not.” He muttered. The young elf was about to say something else, that was before he noticed Emma's eyes closed and leaning ever closer to his face. His heart skipped a beat,  their lips were so close, but before he could do anything else something... no, someone else happened, Allie.

She had watched Glenn take off his mask while dancing with Nick. She had never seen the Elf without it, and the new sight sparked an idea. With the cloth gone she could prank him just like she did Liz and Jade, after all that was Nick's idea, he would probably love to see it again! And so, she pushed Emma aside and deeply kissed Glenn, her arms wrapping around the very confused elf.

Both Nick and Emma's jaws fell to the floor. Emma was feeling a now unwelcome emotion, jealousy The same could be said for Nick.
“Two can play at this.” Nick said before leaning  in and trying to kiss Emma, however the undead girl's response was a lightning quick punch right in the jaw, sending Nick flying onto the ground. Right after the Allie ended the kiss and looked over at the two.
“Wait... what did I miss?” The clueless vampire asked, Glenn still dazed and confused. At this point the entire room was looking at the four. Liz had her mouth covered in surprise and Jade was laughing her ass off.
Let's just say all four of them were banned from any future proms.
Glenn slowly opened his eyes to the bright torches that illuminated the cave. After a long yawn he looked down at the huge hoard of treasure he had accumulated over the many years, his huge black scaly body laying on top of the collection of books, anime, video games, manga, and figures.
It all started almost a century ago when he and Emma started robbing places for fun, but they just didn't stop, soon all Glenn could think about was getting more and more and before he knew it his greed had transformed him into a dragon. Honestly it didn't really bother the former elf, he knew enough magic so he could change his size, which was very important to actually using his horde. For the most part he was undisturbed, dealing with the occasional would be adventurer who would try to slay him, but Glenn just teleported them to the other side of the world and hoped they wouldn't be back.

He was about to go back to sleep when the dragon smelt someone entering his cave, a familiar scent. It was Allie with a huge grin on her face.
“Hello small one, why have you...” Glenn started to say in a deep ominous voice.
“Cut out the elder dragon crap,  it doesn't suit you!” Allie shouted up, interrupting Glenn's speech.
“Fine, what do you want?” Glenn said with a sigh, his tone now a whole lot higher, closer to what it was when he was an elf.
“Well... I was hoping for another ride oh mighty dragon.” She said with her hands clasped together in a mocking manor.
“Again? look, I'm not you're personal plane, why don't you ask Emma for once?”
“I tried! But she just throws things at me until I leave!”
Glenn snickered at that, half tempted to Follow Emma's example.
“Plllleeeeeeessssseeeee? Just one more ride? For an old friend.”
Sighing once again a small grin appeared on his face.
“Fine, just a quick one.”
“YAY!” Allie yelled before starting to climb up Glenn's scales and onto his back.
Slowly rising from the pile Glenn started walking towards the exit, his wings spreading wide before getting a running start, finally his wings began flapping raising both himself and Allie off the ground, the two soon soaring through the sky.
“FUS RO DAH!” Allie yelled with a giggle, her arms holding on for dear life.
“Really? That game is over a hundred years old, the joke it dead.” Glenn shouted back at her.
“I AM DRAGON BORN!” Was her only reply, making Glenn groan.
No Fire or Death
Just a silly AU one shot that popped into my head. 
You sure about this?” Emma ask with her usual dean pan expression, but this time there was a hint of concern. She wore a tan jacket over her shoulders.
“No I'm not, in fact I think this is a very stupid idea, but we don't have much of a choice at this point.” The elf said with a sigh as he put the last item into a wooden box. His flannel shirt sticking out a bit as he set the box down in a shallow hold and covered it back up with dirt. The two stood in the middle of a crossroads, and they were expecting someone.

A couple minuets past with only the sound of frogs and cricketers to break the silence.
“Do you think they stood us up?” Glenn asked with a raised eyebrow, Emma ignored the commit as she continued to look out into the distance.
“My, my, the Winchesters have called upon my services, I feel honored.” Said a voice suddenly behind the two in a sharp and mocking tone. Glenn jump while Emma silently turned around to see an older woman who looked to be in her mid twenties with blond hair put up. She also wore a nice suit, a suitcase in her hand.
“So you've heard of us.” Glenn said while eying the newcomer warily.
“Who hasn’t at this point? Though I doubt you two are actually siblings.” She said with a smirk.
“You made a contract with a Nick recently, we want you to terminate it.” Emma said suddenly, starring icily at the demon.
“Sorry love, deals are final, no refunds.”
“Expect you didn't follow up on your end.” Glenn said with crossed arms. The Woman mocked a look of shock and indignation.
“I did too! All he asked was for his mother back, and so I gave him her corpse, I followed the letter of the deal.”
“That isn’t your style, you crossroad demons haven't had problems with bringing back people before, why stiff him here?” Glenn asked with a scowl.
“See, souls can be a tricky thing. If they are already in my neighborhood so to speak there isn’t any issues, however if they are upstairs I sometimes have to do some dealing, and I wasn’t able to secure said soul this time, so I improvised.”
A sneer formed on Glenn's lips as he stepped foreword, Emma grabbed his arm holding the elf back. Giving her a glance Glenn stepped back into place.
“Regardless, what did you think you were going to do to me? Sprinkle me in holy water? Pelt me with salt?” She said before trying to take a step forward, but she was stopped by an unseen force. Her eyes went wide as she looked down. “Oh you didn't!” She muttered before scratching away the dirt and reviling a medium sized devil's trap on a piece of wood. At this point Glenn had an evil grin on her face, even Emma had an ever so slight smirk. The Emma had a silver in one hand and holy water in the other.
“Now, you have one chance before we get started, let Nic's contract go!” Glenn said with force.
The blond demon sighed. “I don't have time for this... yes! Whatever, I'll release nick, just get me out of this damn trap!”
Glenn was honestly surprised that it worked, he was excepting some kind of fight.
“And how do we know you won't try to kill us after we let you out?”
He was greeted with one of the meanest looks he had ever seen.
“I may be a demon but I am a woman of my word, I will release the idiot’s contract only if you let me out and I will not harm either of you afterwords, deal?”
Glenn and Emma looked at each other for a moment before the undead girl reaching over and broke the trap. Still glaring at the two the demon's eyes started glowing red, she spoke some Latin before returning to normal.
“There, now that's done I'll take my leave.” She said before winking at Emma.
“Oh, and you can call me Ms. Wight, and we will meet again.” and with that, she diapered with only a small cloud of sulfur in her wake.
Glenn gave Emma a look, he noticed the wink, but decided to say nothing.
“Come on, I heard a couple Wendigos in Kentucky.” He said, just wanting to be done with demons. The two Hunter slowly started walking back to the Chevy Impala.  
Not Natural
I'm not happy with this one. It needs a better ending but I needed to submit somthing today. 

I don't know, if you guys like it I might do another Supernatural/B&B crossover. I got this idea When yuki-chan made a comment about Glenn and Emma's last names being Winchester and this idea was born.

I plan on doing a normal B&B fanfic in the near future. 
Dear reader, I congratulate you on finding such a rare tome. This subject is not one that can't be talked about openly, at least not easily. In our world it is hard for good honest necromancers who want nothing more than to live their life without horrifying experiments or aspirations of world domination. But that is what the general public thinks of you. This book will help anyone who wants to practice necromancy in a civilized manner. You will  find tips on how to wield your craft without being a barbarian as well as plenty of suggestions on how to deal with a world that distrusts those that raise the dead. No matter how you choose to use you power, we hope something in these pages will help you.


As you can imagine, this rule is not absolute, but still a good default to follow. While there are those who will not assume you are an abomination to god and man (whether you are one or not is besides the point) these individuals are not as common as one would like. Due to rumors, unsavory individuals, and the nature of your powers, Necromancy has not garnered the best reputation. In some towns it may be tolerated, yet in others Paladins are there who are more than happy to end your life. Speaking of which, avoiding anywhere near a church is also a good idea, unless you are a religious individual which I say simply to you, good luck. Please don't misunderstand me, I am not implying that your deity of choice looks down on you, I am saying that their followers might.

To avoid accusations, try to wearing plain clothes, stay away from the color black and masks, both are a dead give away. Blending in can give any smart necromancer a well needed advantage. One would think this is common sense but you'd be surprised at how many have died due to this rookie mistake. As always there are exceptions. If you live in an area with many other magic users than almost anything goes when it comes to the dress code.

No matter what you decide to do, just be aware of your surroundings, never let your guard down, you never know who may strongly disagree with your practices.


Cemeteries are always a tempting source for new servants, but just cleaning out every bone yard you see can cause quite a few problems. This is one of the conman complaints necromancers get, defiling the dead. Many have argued that corpses and skeletons are nothing more than empty shells and they they are a resource to recycle, however the loved one of said corpse might disagree. What we recommend you do is find out if there are any abandoned graveyards in the area, no one can get offended if no one cares. Old battlefields and accident swamps are also a perfect place to reanimate the dead. However, sometimes you're desperate and have to use a public centenary, here are a few tips on how to use such places without having an angry mob chase you at the end of the day.

The most obvious tip is do your robbing at night, scout ahead first and make absolutely sure you're alone. Never leave a defiled grave empty, fill it back up, for that extra mile lay grass back over the grave to make it look untouched. You can always utilize your new minions to fill the grave back again to save time and effort. If you do find yourself chased, alleyways are your best friend weave through as many as you can to lose any angry towns people.


I can already tell that this one is going to be controversial but I feel this must be said. I can understand the appeal of pulling the soul back into a reanimated corpse, it uses less magic to maintain, the minion is smarter, and you have someone to talk to on the lonely nights but I assure you it's not as much fun for your new friend there. Alright, picture this, you are just minding your own business, enjoying your afterlife, when BAM! Your soul is suddenly forced back into your old rotten body or skeleton. Not only that but you are now forced to do whatever you're told, doesn't sound like the best life, or should I say afterlife. This is not only a moral issue, but a safety one as well. Throughout history many undead have broken from their control and turned on their masters. It only takes a moment of laziness to loose all control. What I would recommend is that you use both your magic and a very small part of your own soul to reanimate the dead. It's a win win for everyone, you get your soul fragment back when you're done and the original owner of said body doesn't have to be forced back to this plane.
However I advise against splitting up your soul too much, you may start acting very differently if more then half of your soul is elsewhere.  
Proper Necromancer Edict Vol. 1
I would like to think Glenn read this as well during his stay at Maxy's

Wrote this on a whim, let me know what other subjects you think would be covered. 


I'm in the mood to write, however I work best if I have prompt or a setting to start with, so that's where you guys come in. I want you to commission me to write what ever kind of story you want. Here's the ground rules,

1. Keep the request within a paragraph or two (Unless your giving me info about the world I'm writing in) 
2. If you want me to use an existing world I am not familiar with, please tell me everything I need to know about said world or characters.
3. Only one commission per person.
4. No hard pornography.
5. If you commission me to write a story, you do not own said story, however if you want me to use your OCs, I of course do not own the characters, you still do. I doubt this will ever be an issue, but I wanted to put this here just in case.
6. I have the right to turn down any commissions if I don't feel comfortable doing them, but I don't think this will happen. 

I'm not going to put a cap on how many stories I'll do since I doubt very many people will take me up on this ^^;

Alright, just comment below what you want or shoot me a PM.


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